Building the Web on Generosity

Generosity is often seen as something which happens sporadically. Perhaps you walk by someone who is living on the street asking for “spare change.” You stop, take a few dollars out of your wallet and give it to them, experiencing generosity.

However, I propose that generosity should not only be something we experience from time to time, it should be built into the foundation of how we live and work. At least, that’s the idea behind this project I’ve started called Generosity.Website.

Generosity.Website provides website construction and management services to help people achieve their dreams through the connections that come from developing your vision online. You will have an actual person in charge of managing your website that you can ask questions and request changes you would like to make on your website.

And here’s the kicker…we provide our services to you as a free gift. Why? Because we are dedicated to seeing generosity grow and spread in our world, and this is our philosophy for how we can do just that.

When we serve you, we also give you the opportunity to choose to give back any amount to us for the value you find in the work and services you have received. In this way, we are putting generosity on both ends of every transaction.

Here are the services we will initially offer, with the hopes of branching into more areas in the future:

  • Website Construction
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Graphic Design (Images, Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, etc.)
  • Content Writing/Creation

What is your dream? What ideas for projects do you have swirling around in your mind? What cause do you want to spread? We would be honored to connect with you, hear about your needs, and start walking together to see your dreams become a reality.


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